Our story


Succulents and cacti make amazing plants!
Here at JustPlant, we aim to help you with your succulents.


It all began with a birthday gift idea from one of our founders. He wanted to create something simple, yet sustainable with everyday materials. He then went on a hunt for the right plants that would sit well in his handmade cement globe, which he would later present to his best friend. Their love for succulents and cacti bloomed, and thereafter blossomed into JustPlant. Together, they strive to infuse nature with the concrete world we live in.


JustPlant sells an assortment of succulents and cacti plants. We also offer custom plant arrangement services, so you can build your own mini garden. As succulent and cacti enthusiasts, we also love sharing knowledge on how to care for these delicate plants and are always happy to help you with your questions!


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