Image by Irina Iriser

Care guide

Worried about caring for these succers? Don't worry! We have some beginner basic care guide for you.



​Left indoors, it’s hard for succulents to get enough sunlight. They need around 4-5 hours of sunlight a day, depending on its species. Give your plants as much sunlight as you can, but don’t leave them out in the open. If it gets too hot, place your succulents in a shaded area, so as to avoid getting sunburnt. Succulents that don’t get enough sunlight will start to stretch.



Best sunlight times are between 7am - 11am or 4pm - 7pm


Watering schedule

You should only water your plants when the soil is completely dry on its surface and on the insides. These plants appreciate heavy watering, so we would advise watering them thoroughly until water flows out from the bottom of the pot.


Always do the stick test before your next watering to ensure you won't over water.


Checking when to water

Using a bamboo stick (Satay stick), poke the middle of the pot’s soil. Then carefully remove the stick and observe it. If the stick contains dark spots that indicate signs of dampness, do not water the soil as it still contains moisture.


If the stick comes out dry, then it’s time to water your plant.


Watering methods

Overhead Watering

Water the plant directly and allow the water to seep through the soil gradually, drenching the entire pot.


Soil Watering

Water the soil directly until it starts to flow out through the drainage hole.

The Soak Up

Put the potted plant on a tray of water, allowing it to naturally soak up moisture from the drainage hole until the entire pot is soaked.

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